152 Flores Road
Webberton WA 6530

Licensed Repairer: MRB1015


Country Time Caravans is proud to be announced as your local authorized Jayco repairer. We have a long-standing relationship with Australia’s number one caravan manufacturer, and pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship to help keep you, and your caravan on the move.

Jayco is the only manufacturing company we carry out warranty work for, if you are wanting to receive warranty work from a different manufacturer you will be required to pay for the work carried out up front and get reimbursed from the manufacturer.

Warranty companies we cover

  • Coast to Coast
  • AL-KO
  • Thetford
  • Camec
  • Dometic
  • Cruismaster

Warranty repairs are different for every appliance and each supplier.

For instant a fridge; for a fridge to go through warranty there is testing to be arrived out on the fridge its self before any parts can be sent from the supplier.

Cupboard Catches; these are something we can repair in store if we have the correct part in store.

Keep in mind your warranty work may not be carried out on the day depending on the diagnostics.