152 Flores Road
Webberton WA 6530

Licensed Repairer: MRB1015

Servicing & Installations

Here at Country Time Caravans, we offer installation of all accessories such as TV’s, satellite equipment, washing machines, water tanks and right down to the kitchen sink. Our fully equipped workshop offers highly experienced technicians available for all your servicing needs, whether it is your first service, or that preloved van that needs some TLC.

Many people ask what is carried out in out Brakes and Bearing Service, below is the main service list we go off (unless you have a service book supplied but the manufacturer)

 1,000km brake and bearing service & suspension check

  • Take hub off- inspect bearing (ring customer if bearings need to be changed)
  • If repacking the bearings – clean old grease and repack with grease
  • Clean inside of hubs – make sure there is no grease
  • Clean exterior of hubs
  • Blow out backing plates
  • Anti-seize lugs
  • Spray CRC – Moving Components (e.g. Hand brake mechanism, adjust brake)
  • If needed replace brake magnets
  • Check suspension bolts (grease if greaseable or if not spray CRC)
  • Check chassis welds (make sure everything is in good condition, no cracks in chassis)
  • Check Hitch (if greaseable, grease)
  • Check all running lights
  • Adjust handbrake
  • Check Breakaway (if the van has one, *Vans 2 tonne or over*)

(Depending on your van the pricing may vary depending on what is found through out the service.)

Main repairs & Maintenance We Can Carry Out (What We Can Do)

Being a small business we are only capable of doing so much without getting you to return to the manufacturer. We try our best to make sure as many repairs can be carried out here in Geraldton and try to help you as much as we can, we still to this day

We can help you out with any of the following

  • Replace or service HWS (Gas & Electric)
  • Replace AC units – we do not repair Acs
  • Service or Repair Wind up Caravans
  • Install SatKing
  • Pannel Damage
  • Instal dust reduction systems
  • Plumbing – Replace or fit
  • Fit or repair fridges (Upright Only)
  • Stove/ Over Repairs or Replace
  • Electrical – 12V & 240
  • Sola Install or Repair
  • Water tanks
  • Awnings
  • Water Pumps
  • Chassis maintenance

 Plus, much more.