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Webberton WA 6530

Licensed Repairer: MRB1015


Country Time Caravans is a preferred repairs for most leading insurance companies, and are only too happy to quote your job, and complete it to satisfaction with no hassle. Warranty repairs are available for most leading RV brands, and RV manufacturers.

Insurance is something we do carry out but a lot of people do not understand the process of insurance.

If you have had an accident your first protocol is make sure you are safe!

Once your safe and have clamed own 😊 call your insurance company, explain how to the incident happened and they will get the claim started and give you a claim number.

Once a claim number is received you can then contact your repairer.

Your repairer will ask for the claim number and let you know the best time to get into us for insurance photos.

In the case you are travelling you will need to provide the following for the repairer

  1. Photo of rear of van showing registration plate
  2. Photo of side of van (non-awning side)
  3. Photo of front of van
  4. Photo of compliance plate (normally in boot or inside door)
  5. Photo of side of van with damaged awning – overall view, with awning in and out
  6. Photo – closer of damage (tears etc)
  7. If an Awning: Photo of hardware (legs/arms/brackets if damaged + any roof rafters & Anti-Flap kits)
  8. Measurement of awning (centre bolt to centre bolt of hardware)

Once all the required images and measurements are received the repairer will then wright up a quote to send off to the insurer for approval.

Approval can take anywhere from a few days to months depending on the extent of damage and what your insurance covers. Some people get confused that a claim number means instant approval but unfortunately this does not mean approval.

The repairer will contact you once all the parts have arrived and book you in at the earliest convenience available.