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Webberton WA 6530

Licensed Repairer: MRB1015

Before you take OFF

As the excitement of an upcoming trip build, it is always recommended that your caravan and vehicle are properly prepared for the journey ahead. Please take the time to browse through the checklist below to make sure you are truly ready for the trip of a lifetime.

These tasks will only take a few minutes. In doing these checks you will have piece of mind and more confidence in your van.


  • Cupboards and drawers closed & table secured.
  • Refrigerator door locked – check that containers with liquids are sealed.
  • Hatches and windows closed.
  • No loose items in cupboards or on shelves.
  • Fire extinguisher fitted.


  • Gas bottle fitted and secured.
  • Water tank filled.
  • Brakes checked and adjusted.
  • Wheel bearings adjusted.
  • Wheel nuts tight AND condition of tyres.

Note: It is advisable to have the caravan serviced by a specialist prior to the journey


  • Jockey wheel removed or secured.
  • Lights operating correctly.
  • Gas turned off.
  • Tyres inflated correctly.
  • Doors closed and locked.
  • Jacks raised or safety stands removed.
  • Wheel chocks removed.
  • Hand brake released. Electrical connection between car and van secured.
  • 240V electrical lead disconnected.
  • Steps raised.
  • Towing aid correctly fitted.
  • Safety chains secured.
  • Wind down caravan aerial.
  • Check tightness of ball mount and tow ball.
  • Remove water and sullage hose.
  • Secure the table top.


  • Assortment of tools to suit sizes on car & caravan.
  • Tyre levers (2).
  • Wheel brace to suit wheel nuts on car and caravan.
  • Jack to suit car and caravan
  • Tyre gauge.
  • Wheel chocks.
  • Blocks for placing under corner stabilisers when ground is soft or under a wheel when site not level.
  • Make sure that you have the necessary tools required to fit the spares that you may have taken for the trip.

For your own sake, and that of your passengers, it is essential that all gas lines, connections, appliances, and electrical fittings be checked regularly.